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29 CFR 1926 Subpart R Steel Erection


Please contact Tori Bates if you are interested in this course. or 469-709-2202

Course Description

This course will offer training in procedures required in the new "Steel Erection Standard". Attendees who should attend this seminar are those who are in any position of authority relating to any type of structural steel erection, including everyone from the crafts trade to project managers and construction company owners, and to any other on-site personnel. This course is designed to assist contractors, engineers and architects, and other safety personnel in understanding and complying with the new Subpart R, Steel Erection Standard.

Learning Objectives

  • Identify and understand Subpart R ? Steel Erection Final Rules
  • Understand §1926.750 Scope
  • Identify §1926.750 (c) Specific Controlling Contractor Duties
  • Understand §1926.752 Site Layout, Erection Plan and Construction Sequence
  • Understand §1926.753 Hoisting and Rigging
  • Understand §1926.754 Structural Steel Assembly
  • To know about §1926.755 Column Anchorage
  • Understand §1926.756 Beams and Columns
  • Learn about §1926.757 Open Web Steel Joists
  • Understand §1926.758 Systems-Engineered Metal Buildings
  • Understand §1926.759 Falling Object Protection
  • Learn about §1926.760 Fall Protection

Topics Covered

  • Subpart R ? Steel Erection Final Rule
  • §1926.750 Scope
  • §1926.750 (c) Specific Controlling Contractor Duties
  • §1926.752 Site Layout, Erection Plan and Construction Sequence
  • §1926.753 Hoisting and Rigging
  • §1926.754 Structural Steel Assembly
  • §1926.755 Column Anchorage
  • §1926.756 Beams and Columns
  • §1926.757 Open Web Steel Joists
  • §1926.758 Systems-Engineered Metal Buildings
  • §1926.759 Falling Object Protection
  • §1926.760 Fall Protection

Regulatory Requirement

Please see the state/regulatory requirement from the course catalog page.

Seat Time

This course has been approved for 1 hour.


Quizzes - All quizzes must be passed with a 100% to proceed forward to the next lesson. Final Exam- Final Exam must be passed with a 70% to pass the course. The final exam can be taken three times if necessary.